Friday, June 1, 2012

facebook fantasy

 facebook was not materially different from myspace, nor is google+.
facebook tricked many of us into believing it was THE place.................
first, it was marketted to  trendy college kids.
of course, it was doomed.

something brighter and trendier will be along any day.
the $28 stock price is just the first crack in a flimsy dam.
facebook was never  more than a new marketting platform, and,  just as they got going, the game changed to mobile.
facebook may try to launch a phone in an attempt to survive. the  "no way jose" phone is a sure winner.
2 things are certain, those follow us on facebook tags you see in every form of ad won't we there in 5 years and your $28 share in facebook wont be worth  28 cents.
was facebook  worth a market cap once bigger than ibm?????
anyone who watches 20 seconds of american  tv will instantly realize that we aren't by a long shot, done being suckered, and we deserve every last foolish slap; they're not done with us, yet, and we're not done believing.

agreat summary o f'book is here



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