Monday, August 1, 2011

1949 dodge business coupe

a 1949  dodge business coupe with a for sale sign sits in a lot at the bottom of n. diamond st. hill.
dodge business coupes have been my favorite cars ever since i had a little steel toy one at age 4.

additionally, i've always had this thing for generous  rear ends.

what a glorious street rod she would make, or be just dressed up straight in classy black.
her frame is likely as hopelessly rusted and brittle as my old bones.

 the original tranny, is a semi-automatic 4 speed. you only need the clutch to first put it in "range" hi range for normal driving (3rd and 4th gears) or low range (1st and 2nd gears) for hills, or reverse. After you take off, it would shift between the two gears (depending on what range you're in), and  could even come to a stop without having to clutch. 

1949 dodge biz coupe
get your kicks on route 66

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