Tuesday, December 14, 2010

budweiser, snow, corn flakes, and hot water just dont mix

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absolutely do not apply hot water-
while enjoying my usual breakfast of 2 naturally aged, naturally cooled icy crispy cold refreshing budweisers and kellogg's corn flakes, i heard an item on my favorite radio show, the incomparable stocks and jocks radio show from chicago.

cohost, fashion plate, world gadabout, jon najarian(dr j), a longtime cnbc market analyst and veteran options trader, always ready with a juicy anecdote, today related a little known item about the well-publicized tear and subsequent deflation of the metrodome roof.

"the metrodome is a piece of crap. i hate it. it's the same as the silverdome, a piece of crap---just a big cement box with a teflon roof which stays inflated by the pressure holding it up. if you opened all the doors at once, all the air would come out of it.
apparently, some idiots--this is still being reported only up there----that they had doing the huge snow removal for the roof, figured that a faster way to get the snow off would be to flood it with hot water. they went up there with a firehose atttached to the hot water and started spraying the roof. indeed, it was melting the snow, but if you are so stupid that you are going to do that, why dont you just use propane torches.
up there, they have these things that look like a pogo stick with a canister attached. a flame come out of the business end of this device. you use it to melt ice that you cant chop.
the weight of the hot water and the snow was heavy, really heavy. the roof tore, imploded, and the inside of the place was flooded, causing a scheduled nfl game to be relocated to another state."

apparently, i'm not the only guy who has 2 budweisers with their cornflakes. some of them remove snow from dome roofs.

thanks matt, chief and dr. j.
sometimes, i think that those 3 might be having 2 budweisers with their cornflakes, as well.


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