Monday, August 15, 2011

i'm fine with the u.s. mail

it hurts to see things going away, even though they were great as they are.
kingwood's ahing august flowers, glorious  film cameras, glamorous tasteful classy ladies,  the gas station attendant,  THE US MAIL.

each day the mailman's sack, when he needs, one is punier.
there are better ways to deliver checks and bills, and pay them.
no one takes the time to write letters any more.

we will soon be picking up our mail, or getting it 2 days a week, if that.

most of us work with the threat of job loss hanging over our heads.
even $50 a month laborers in china building your fabulous ipad, are being replaced with 100,000 robots.
robots don't jump out of factory windows.

i had 2 splendid examples of u.s. mail service last week.

i bought some phone batteries from amazon with normal shipping at noon saturday.  they arrived from california 2 days later.
another small  purchase made saturday from california arrived on my doorstep at 830 this morning.

i  hang on to things and ways more fervently than most.
i love the u.s. mail as it is.

whatever happened to melody?

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