Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nato schmato!!!!!!

where for this NATO, and why, and what's the reason for?
what do we have NATO for?
it was 13 countries after WW11 uniting to stop Russia from invading europe.
here's a breaking news flash!!!
Russia is not going to invade Europe.
the places we are protecting are now part of NATO(now 23 nations).
at one time, Russia was considered for membership in NATO.
there is this huge NATO arms budget.
once in a while, we gang upon a 3rd world country.
is that enough reason for NATO to still exist?
they can still get together for fancy meetings for shrimp and drinks.

why aren't the protestors complaining about this?
when we get old, we(or at least, i) don't protest.
we just chuckle and shake our old heads at this pompous madness and  heartfelt silliness.
schwarzkopf sings die tote stadt

korngold-die tote stadt

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