Monday, April 16, 2012

rounding 3rd, headed for home

i still keep a couple of baseballs in the trunk, and an left hand baseball glove, just in case i get young again. no one wants to play catch and hit flies with me anymore.

then, we could choose up sides and make up rules for any number of players, including spunky girls. we didn't need crappy overbearing parents and umpires.

when no one is around, i go out to a regulation, perch high on the rubber, and try to bust a few pitches over the plate. it's all i can do now to get the pitch to home plate. a throw from 3rd to 1st, one routine, is but a dream, and the outfield is in another county.

there is no sweeter sound to me than cracking a long fly ball with the wind on a day like today or make a catcher's mitt pop.

i'll watch an overorchestrated sterile little league game or two and smile faintly at a nice play or two.

baseball is so discriminatory. you can't be a left hander catcher, 3rd baseman, 2nd basman, or shortstop. they should maybe change the rules. all a lefty can do is pitch, play 1st, or outfield.

on the fence at the little league park are about 700 rules.

i would never ever play in this setting.

the athletic skills of everyday major league baseball players are more than incredible. don't take their great skills for granted.

only about 7% of baseball players are black,and a lower percentage are fans.

26 baseball players, coaches, and managers have college degrees.

as joe nuxhall said, ending each cincy reds broadcast, "this is the old lefthander, headed for home."

forgotten dreams

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