Sunday, April 15, 2012

brilliant corners


the idiots in the u.s. department of energy may actually be trying to shut down the national ignition facility at livermoor research center in california in northern california.
they had no problem throwing billions to places with no track record.   they are trying to cut the funds for the national ignition facility by 50%.       this facility is our only manhattan or apollo scale new energy real high tech project in this country.
the facility is pursuing the dream of the research world, the holy grail, controlled thermonuclear fusion.
that means energy from hydrogen in the water in the ocean.    they are getting close to a significant step.
whie the department of energy is wasting billions elsewhere, forcing up the price of gasoline, and refusing to develop useful methods of energy, they are cutting back on money for the NIF facility right at the most crucial time.
the first time they squeeze the gas hydrogen and get more energy out than you put in by the fusion, you have stepped into a new energy world.
the u.s. department of energy apparently hate the directir because he doesn't read from their playbook or is overshadowing their silly bullcrap.
if you want some pride in this country and some science ahead of the rest of the world, tell your representatives to support NIF.
NIF is on a bigger scale than our remarkable apollo manned space flight program that took us to the moon and back.
we have such a program that the rest of the world is looking at, and it is being totally neglected by our country's energy department.
their programs for alternative fuels, ethanol from cornstalk and switchgrass, 
the energy released in an h-bomb, done slowly enough for commercial power plants, is what NIF is trying to do.
a big facility is being built in europe, which wont be operating for perhaps 10 years.
we have a facility right here coming close to achieving its objective.
it's total budget is $300/yr.

the department of energy guys want to halve that.  they want to cripple it.      
down the road 20 miles the gave solyndra, little more than a solar panel pipe dream $535 MILLION,  
very likely while their possibly while solyndra attorneys were drawing up bankruptcy filings.
they trotted POTUS over their for some famous silly photo ops; a few months later, their bankruptcy was announced.
the POTUS caravan  didn't have time or the inclination  to stop at NIF, 20 miles away, to see this nation's apollo energy program 20 miles away at livermoor.
livermoor is an incredible facility with the most powerful lasers in the world, football field length lasers, 192 in the building.
building a production facility after we crack hydrogen will take 10 years, of course, but what else do we really have to do on that scale in 10 years.
to tell the american public that is all they have to count on and punish them  and for the future with expensive gasoline, like the secretary of energy said he wanted in2008 is poor stewardship from folks who hold this nation's and our individual futures in the palms of their hands.
based on a cbs news program last week and remarks by dr. bill wattenburg, former research scientist at livermoor labs.


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