Tuesday, January 3, 2012

do you believe in miracles?

you do believe in miracles, if you play the lottery.  
recently reading that  the price of powerball tickets will shortly  increase, i thought, why did it take them so long to raise prices.

for a long time, i've thought that the various lotteries are mainly a tax on poor people.
is there anything sadder than walking into a convenience store and find sometimes buying and buying and buying tickets.
lottery managers want poor people thinking they'll be rich overnight.  the odds are that they may win 40% back, until they use the winnings to buy more tickets.    what's 405 of 40%?
being rich without the ability to manage it is pretty much like being poor.  many who win big quickly  just as suddenly lose it.
i think of lottery salesmenm the same way as i do bartenders offering an alcoholic another drink.
just between you and i me, the lottery folks  want people addicted to gambling.  they are actually selling snake oil.
healthy folks don't buy snake oil; sick folks do.

gambling addiction

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