Friday, December 16, 2011

it's time to end the war on drugs

corruption is a major problem in law enforcement.
that's one of the reasons the well-intended drug war is so stupid.
it is perhaps the biggest thing that corrupts police forces, and it never works anyway.
an attorney friend has won a case or two because the evidence disappeared.
evidence is planted and there are all sorts of nasty things.
we call this aggression dynamics, where bad ethics drives good ethics out..

police officers are not allowed to speak out in favor of legalizing marijuana, apparently.
these are the people who experience the effects of the war on drugs firsthand.
they are in the thick of it.
recently, a border patrol agent told another officer that if marijuana was legalized, the drug related violence across the border in mexico would cease.
there is a group, LEAP, law enforcement officers against prosecution. and it includes people on the streets, in and out of uniform.
this border patrol agent expressed some some sympathy for illegal immigrants from mexico.
he talked to the wrong hombres.
his fellow oficers tattled on him andd passed his comments along to border patrol officers in washington.
after an investigation, he received a termination letter stating that he held "personal views that were contrary to core characteristics of  border patrol agents which are patriotism, dedication, and esprit decorps.
it sounds like that means you can't think or express opinions on policies of your government.
it seems that thought crimes, having opinions, might cost a job in law enforcement.

rest in peace  bob brookmeyer
beloved valve trombonist
wrote some of my favorite arrangements, ever.

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