Wednesday, August 17, 2011

things ain't what they used to be

arlin  field now  smells like the old mansfield tire columbia rubber curing plant on w. 6th street once did.

adequately funded independent studies on field turf are hard for me to access.
industry funded university studies don't mean much to me.

certain nfl studies showed higher rates of anterior cruciate ligament damage to nfl players
at least 120 tons of  cryogenically frozen ground up tires, mixed with pure silicate as toppings on a giant synthetic crust are certainly an interestingtimetested concoction.

i haven't yet found the material safety data sheets for the turf material, but i feel certain that are readily available for community inspection.

hopefully, the city will be doing  waste water analyses from the underground field drainage system.

this is likely  a fine product and a great field, but potential serious liabilities are involved.

this is an independent study, if any study can be considered independent, i found on grass turf, amid great stacks  of favorable industry studies.  warning: every study has it's biases.

things ain't what they used to be.

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