Thursday, August 18, 2011

aloc don't eat none of that espn dog food, or no more than he has to

one can not walk into a bar without being bombarded, usually from all sides, by espn projecting from hdtv screens.
espn is  almost enough to cause one to stop drinking.
i dislike espn and abc sports and what it stands for.
espn radio carried locally on wrgm is nearly as bad.
bring back the elevator music,wrgm.

their monopolizing  and shaping of sports,in my opinion has taken a lovely thing and shaped into a ridiculous cartoon.

the hype and promotion only of events they broadcast is unbearable.
obviously the talented hosts parrot only their espn garbage lines.

espn is as much part and parcel to the system of big athletics.
enter yahoo sports.

there is now great tension between yahoo sports and abc-espn.

espn is as much part and parcel to the system of big sports as they are on reporting it.

they own bowls and production rights to bowls and  have cozy financial and scheduling relationships with the conferences.

their product, reporting on the sports with which they are in business totally undermines their objectivity.

on the other hand, yahoo sports, (now merged with rivals.com) has assembled a fine stable of investigative reporters who will actually do investigative journalism(what's that?) almost relentlessly.

if you go back to the recent USC-reggie bush story, espn did not report it until they HAD to.

the yahoo sports people kept the story alive and kept digging until they got to the truth.

we saw the same thing with ohio state and we are seeing it again with the massive university of miami football scandal.

a big miami  supporter(smelled jocksniffer) who ran a huge madofflike ponzi financial scam(there was another similar story in houston for basketball).
this miami fellow was tight with the miami program, sometimes leading the team onto the field before games.

he took care of a lot of miami football players, and when the money got lean, miami wanted nothing to do with him.
he felt very very jilted, and from prison, is spilling his guts.

he gave money, jewelry, yacht trips, electronics, and call girl services, among other things to miami athletes, many who became nfl stars.

there was a funny sports illustrated article about how to not get caught cheating(not cheating for dummies, ncaa style).
one of the rules was take care of everybody, and don't ever stop, no matter what.

when anyone gets cut out of access, money, or whatever, trouble eventually follows.
you aren't dealing with stand up people here.

when dennis erickson was coaching miami, there was severe probation.
as i recall, they were fraudulently misusing  pell grants for football players.

miami really got slapped down.

butch davis was hired to 'clean up' the miami program.
the issue that miami will ultimately face is that, snicker snicker, davis was cleaning up the football program.
davis,  who recently resigned or was fired at north carolina under severe heat, was a good clean guy indeed.

while miami was allegedly getting back on track, and shed the bad image, the affair with our  ponzi scheme guy was going on.
 the height of this ncaa absurdity is that the athletic director at miami was the head of the committee that penalized usc, and made various statements ridiculing their program, when his own was probably 10 times worse.
bring back the easy listening music, wrgm.

from the link:

The extremes of the Miami case should show you how preposterous this entire enterprise is. Former Miami athletic director Paul Dee was the chair of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions. He either didn't care, or didn't know, about some of the most blatant extra benefits in NCAA history. Heck, Shapiro(the big ponzi schemer supporter), had official ties to the University of Miami athletic department and owned part of a sports agency. That alone should have set off the loudest alarms in South Florida. NCAA cases are about plausible deniability -- we didn't know, we could have known, the head coach didn't know, it was the assistant director of associate something-or-other's fault, kids these days are nutty, please be nice to us, etc. Miami has no plausible deniability here.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/michael_rosenberg/08/17/miami/index.html#ixzz1VPIGa4Ab

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