Tuesday, May 17, 2011


st.peters church and it's family have been my neighbors for well over 30 years.
the beautiful buildings, the magnificent schools, the mighty organ and choir, and splendid folks have been my neighbors for over three decades.
i could talk for hours about the people and how they have enriched my life.

sister anton, rosemary horvath, a franciscan sister was a longtime neighbor and friend.

when nancy, my first wife, was breathing her last breaths, sister anton was with her.

"you need to walk around the block, get some air," anton said.
when i returned she was standing on the sunny steps.
"your honey is gone now."

for the next 30 minutes, she held, and consoled me, and somehow i made it...
anton left us some time ago.
i ever got to say good bye.

it's the peope that make peters special.

dream of gerontius
go forth upon they journey

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