Thursday, May 19, 2011

don's barbershop is dark today

a barbershop is dark today, and for a little while more.
his   home  in  days gone by hosted dozens of the  famous and powerful.

don  is  having coronary bypass surgery tomorow at mgh.

i had the honor of receiving don's last haircut  for a while, just last wednesday.
he wasn't feeling well, but the cut, as usual  was superb.

don pugh was the  husband of the late legendary visionary charlotte pugh, who, ironically, is being honored tonight in mansfield.
you might like to attend, oh, and sen a warm thought  or two don's way.
his   home  in  days gone by hosted dozens of the  famous and powerful, many unannounced.

when don get back soon, i hope to get the first cut.................

From: Doug Versaw [mailto:dpversaw@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 2:06 PM
To: Kennard, David B; Diane Brown; Gog Meisse; Fackler, Holly J.; Jay Miller; Josh Hooper; Larry Stine; Linda Fulmer; Martz, Linda M.; Mansfield DataDesk; Margie Tasseff; Caudill, Mark A; Rhonda Bletner (Bellville Star); Robert Meisse; Rusty Cates; Scott Gove (Shelby Daily Globe); Brennan, Tom H.; Tommy Barnes; Tony Mitchell
Subject: Fwd: Sister Cities Association of Mansfield, Presentation on Dar Es Salaam

Event Notification.
I hope many of you can attend and/or cover this event.
Doug Versaw

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, May 19, 7pm at the Congregational Church, Blymyer Hall.
If the past is prelude, then a concern for our history is necessary for the success of our future – That we might flourish and grow.
Our guest speaker will be Dan Lehman, professor of English Literature at Ashland University.
His topic will be Dar Es Salaam and the remarkable story behind our Sister City relationship.
In 1961 the wife of a Mansfield barber, Charlotte Pugh, made worldwide headlines when she initiated a sister city relationship between a thriving Mansfield, Ohio and Dar Es Salaam, the largest city in the soon - independent nation of Tanganyika in East Africa. On her trip, Mrs. Pugh met then - President John F. Kennedy in Washington, was presented the key to New York City, represented the United States at Tanzanian independence ceremonies along with Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. , was introduced to Prince Phillip(the Duke of Edinburgh) and Aga Kahn and watched breathlessly when the Union Jack was lowered above the cityscape of Dar Es Salaam and the nation's new diagonally striped flag was unfurled before cheering crowds.
Please tell as many people as possible about this very important meeting and this presentation.
Please join us. The welfare of Mansfield is our passion.  Help us to preserve it that it might grow.
Of course, refreshments will be served. If you can, please bring refreshment.

Doug Versaw
P: 419-756-3162
C: 419-565-5073
E: dpversaw@gmail.com

man from tanganyika

the very first tanganyikan flag

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