Saturday, March 19, 2011

winners don't always win

among the media hype, blast, and bombast of the week were the compelling  stories of 2 very special very different people.
in the ncaa tourney last night, a powerful purdue team blew the doors off the st. peters(new jersey) peacocks.
 40 year old john dunne is their 4th year coach.
the peacocks play in a rickety 1100 seat gym.
st. peters last night played strong and proud.
the embraces when his 4 seniors came off the court are something i shall long remember.
you can tell when feelings are  real and when people are real.
john dunne and his basketball team are real.

coach john dunne

there is no joy in mudville
mighty casey has struck out.

jim tyree passed away last week.
jim tyree was a selfmade guy who headed the huge financial firm mesirow in chicago.
he put chicago's 2nd newspaper back together because chicago needed a 2nd newspaper.

jim was a terrific guy.  seldom do you meet a successful businessman who was a genuinely good guy.
you neer heard a bad word about jim tyree.
he went to work at mesirow from grad school.
within 10 years he ran the place; within 15 years, jim owned it.
when he talked to you, the talk was about you, not him.
all he cared about was the people he was with.

he contracted diabetes in his 20s after eating a bowl of chili.
jim couldn't get out of bed for a week.
a week later he had diabetes.

he needed a pancreas-kidney transplant that cured the diabetes.
he thought he was home free.
a 52 year old jim with 2 youngsters, somehow got stomach cancer, unexpected complications and jim was gone.
everything jim touched turned to gold, except his health.

winners don't always win, you see, but they never forget  what it is to love, and feel, and care for others.

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