Friday, March 18, 2011

we've had enough 'where's waldo?' presidents

hillary said recently that if barack runs for a 2nd term, she wont be part of the team.
that was pretty telling.

this 'where's waldo?' chapter isn't working out so well.

this is the 3rd guy in a row who should have been elected 4 or 8 years later.

young people do usually do much as presidents.
they have little or no history for folks not to like them.
this is wearing thin.

give us someone who has made mistakes along the way, but at least, has done something, but is at least trying.
bill clinton should be president now, agewise, and the same way with bush.

they were all too young.
we DON'T need 45 year old presidents.

brilliant as jfk was , he would have been better with a little more seasoning.

we don't need an octogenarian like candidate like mccain, either.

the us is a pretty important position for 'learning on the job.'

ask the people at the law firm what barack did when he worked there.
'he wrote his book.'
he didn't go to court.
he wasn't filing briefs.

bush 2 was the dead head front man for the texas ranger baseball team, another empty role.

if barack had been a beer vendor at progressive field...........

clinton was a very young governor of arkansas who made about $15,000 his first term.
of course, hillary had to work.

arkansas may have even had a governor's trailer at the time.
it may have been a doublewide, however.

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