Tuesday, September 18, 2012


to me, the music sharing system SPOTIFY is just a slightly altered reincarnation of  the defunct NAPSTER.  SPOTIFY  claims 11 million users.

i restrict my collecting to jazz, bluegrass, classical, and popular recordings from the 1920s to 1960.

for 6 months, one can listen without limit  to their collection of 14 or 15 million titles, available to desktop or any number of streaming appliances.  when one doesn't have any mad  money, one gets by as best they can.

after 6 months, freedom  is limited to 6 hours per week.   one has to put up with radio style commercials for the free service, but they are much less obtrusive than their radio counterparts.

one may search their vast libraries by artist or song title.   there are large holes in their libraries, but there is always something hitherto unknown for each artist.   files may be created for each artist, played,  recorded to mp3, and saved to massive music drives, to quickly, easily, and daily,  load to one's mp3 devices.

this can add immeasurably to already vast  collections.  this is truly napster heaven, all over again.

spotify claims to pay the artists, but the royalties cannot be but infinitisimal.

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