Wednesday, September 12, 2012



"the demonstrations and revolution in the middle east are fraught with danger, but they also carry much hope.
they are long overdue.
hundreds of millions of people have been under brutal stealing dictators for far too long.

the question is 'will their governments be taken over by even more brutal dictators?'
will there be repeat(s) of iran, the biggest sponsor of terrorism and brutality?
we continue to hear from socalled 'experts' in washington and other places saying that the iranians haven't yet started building nuclear weapons and that they are years away.
most of these 'experts' have never seen a nuclear weapon, and havent the foggiest idea of what it takes to put one together, or how simply one can be assembled, if they have the basic fuel, fissionable material.
iran has been enriching uranium, producing U-235, and the minute there is enough of it for one or two, it wont take long to build a bomb or two.
i would not be surprised if they test a crude nuclear weapon sometime this year.
when they do, the whole ballgame changes.
how do we deal with them? how do we deal with terrorism?
who is thinking about this?
who is worrying about it?
i dont see much attention in washington.
do you?
if the terrorists ever get their hands on nuclear material, the biggest dream they have will be to use it on the u.s.
if they hit this country with a few crude weapons, your life as you know it is going to change in ways you never dreamed.
everything you take for granted in terms of security, financial ability, jobs, will be disrupted.
the think tanks long have projected what they feel is going to happen.
there will be massive chaos, particularly on the seaboard areas that might be ht again will panic and try to flee.
all commerce will stop.
all overseas shipping and transport will stop.
william perry, former secretary of defense for bill clinton, certainly no conservative alarmist, pointed out that the total financial markets of the world will instantly shut down.
everything you take for granted in terms of money and using credit cards and buying things will come to a screeching halt.
think it out.
those are the stakes.
the leaders of the world are still sticking their heads in the sand as to what is going on in iran that will lead to the terrorists having nuclear weapons.
the retaliation against the leaders when that happens, if we are hit, will be so brutal that it will be unbelievable compared to the worst that would have to be done right now to stop them.
that is what worries me most on the unrest in the middle east right now.
egypt now has a powerful military aresenal.
the possibility that hamas will gain control of this arsenal is growing.
the former soviet union would likely side with us in retaliation.
for those who will dare do it, it will be massive retaliation.
i wouldn't be surprised if the first test weapon is detonated this year.
those who say detonation is so difficult simply do not know what the h--- they are talking about.

many of us scared ourselves at various ties on how easy it is today to put together the basic nuclear weapons done in the manhattan project during world war 2.
if the terrorists have enough highly enriched U-235, which is what the iranians are making, they aren't 3 or 4 months away from assembling a gadget that would detonate as a nuclear weapon.
putting something like that into a shipping container is the easiest thing in the world to do.
millions come into this country every year that aren't inspected.
unless you STOP them from making the fissionable material, the inevitable is on the wall.
the real chaos will be created in the urban area in the cities if we are hit with a crude nuclear weapon by terrorists.
most people in the cities are helpless.
they are not prepared with enough food to stay in place and take care of their families for several weeks or longer.
the majority of people have no place to go or recourse.
that is the panic the terrorists dream of creating in the western world.
the most basic thing is that people should be prepared for an earthquake or a nuclear attack.
do you remember the fallout shelters that were once in vogue? those plans are all forgotten now.
there is an excellent resource put up by san francisco at 72 hours.org.
the time is getting closer when terrorists will get their hands on fissionable material.
cyberattack is another huge concern.
our financial system, the interconnection, is becoming so fragile that they can be brought down.
they could shut down your ability to use the financial system, which is at the core of our economy.
for days or weeks, you would be crippled.
lots of safeguards are built into our electronic superstructure.
that's our frontline defense.
the war on terrorism has weakened our country, but we couldn't do without it.
the terrorists have succeeded in weakening the country, diverting massive amounts of our time, dollars and other resources to internal safety.
i am so mad at what we have let a bunch of bearded barbarians do to the civilized world.
millions of people have to literally undress in an airport to get on an airplane.
why do we put up with it?
we know where a lot of them are.
if the terrorists launch a missile at us, they are burnt toast.
we have the means to take them out instantly in retaliation.
we, stupidly think we can negotiate with the enemy.
do you think that any political leader in this country could survive or resist the mass outcry if we are hit and total chaos is created?
those 'leaders' will be out, totally discredited.
there will be the demand formasive retaliation and we have the means, many times over, in horrible ways, against every suspected regime in the middle east and elsewhere, inckluding north korea, that could have done this.
they will be eliminated, cinders drifting in the wind.
the consequences of us being hit and the damage done will force retaliation that we dont want to think about.
libya, about 8 years ago, threw in the towel when we were in the middle of the iraqi war.
the libyans decided to give up everything; they were very close to producing a nulear weapon.
they gave us over 600 tons of their equipment. they wanted to get rid of it.
they knew that if they held on to that equipment, and we got hit, they would be "toast."

a massive launch is fairly unlikely because the minute you launch a ballistic missile, our surveilance and radar will tell us who you are and where it came from.
even if it detonates here, where the misile came from will cease to exist very quickly.
it's not far fetched.
it can be done.
the only ones who would do it with any likely are the suicidal ones, because they will cease to exist one half hour after they do it.

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