Saturday, August 18, 2012

oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's in the dryer

this morning, i hand washed and threw some shorts in the dryer.

an hour later, while preparing to go to the gym, my trusty little rca pearl mp3 player went missing.   it's inexpensive, durable, economical, and a perfect companion.  at 5 or 6 years old, i can't find another so easy to use. the fm tuner is tolerable, it records off the radio, or a conversation or two easily, all for 15 bucks, if you can get one. one aaa battery lasts 50 hours, and a rechargeable or two, 'forever.' what a downer to start a day.

on opening the dryer 40 minutes later, there was an  unattached green rechargable NIMH battery  and a player with unattached back cover.

they weren't melted!!!!!  i popped the player, minus battery, into a usb port.  it lit up!!!!!  the files showed in the drive, and it played!!!!

what have you accidentally thrown in the dryer?  were you so lucky????

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