Friday, August 3, 2012

praying mantis face to face, belly to belly

-click on photos for full size-
being really close to
 another species is a memorable experience.

carol sloane


Fred Levins said...

Very appropriate for the season. Love those praying mantisses. Appeals to my Catholic roots.

Fred Levins said...

Meant mantises or mantii. Dang those plurals!

aloc103 said...

thx. freddie--when i went to the car yesterday, it was on the car hood, and crawled all over me right across the camera lens. luckily, it was set properly. i didn't think to take the other camera out of my pocket and shoot it crawling on my arms and hands. a couple of them may be my finst(er, luckiest) shots ever.

then, poof, it was gone.