Sunday, July 29, 2012

the thin thin (.3mm) line

 we have been simulcasting copies of this blog on google's blogspot for several years.
this blog will continue.  thanks to the wonderful nj folks for this opportunity to say and write and show anything i wished, and for the scores of greatful and informative readers and comments.  
it has never been necessary to block or censor even one comment.
thank you.  
"see ya' round."


.3 mm mechanical(drafting) pencils have been a personal favorite for 30 years, since i filled data on tiny lines in manila folders.

fat lines are gross.  i still write so tiny that most folks can't read it.

skinny leads have to be pretty soft, because the hard ones break.  writing with .3 mm leads simultaneously requires a delicate and firm even touch.

we all have things we wont compromise; i refuse to write with 'thick' leads.

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