Thursday, July 19, 2012

excellence, beauty, religion, out of date, passe, religious leaders told

excellence, beauty, religion, education, passe, out-of-date, out-of-touch, two local churches told

a symposium of under-30 mansfielders has admonished 2 local landmark churches to become more in touch with the times in its hometown, namely st. peters catholic church and first english lutheran church, both mansfield landmarks with sanctuaries long listed in the national registry of historic places, and for 150 years, highlights of the downtown mansfield skyline and major contributors to its spiritual and cultural life.
"what do that beauty and culture stuff have to do with us? those folks who did this stuff are mostly dead, and that old art should be buried with them, too. they didnt know about OUR world.
excellence has NOTHING to do with today. look at those cats who govern us and those rich wallstreet cats and our idols. none of them believe in that religion junk.

what is hip is to be plugged in, tuned in, and connected with the right folk. all those teaches with masters degrees at st. petes, where did all that teaching get them?
that fella who laid on his back for years and painted that st. pete's mural, aint none of us going there, and that old music. yuk. that handel and bach stuff is really goofy.

both churches spend months and 10's of thousands on doors and stained glass and roofs and organs, and magnificent organs. nobody we know got this stuff on their ipod.
we just dont get it. you aint reachin' us--- you cant teach us nuthin'."

spokespersons for both churches enumerated a list of church programs for young adults and offered to meet with this group to address their concerns. both mentioned their outreach programs, particularly their free lunches for thousands, student aid programs, and numerous contemporary worship settings and social gatherings. 
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