Thursday, June 28, 2012

kicking the can down a 2 lane road


 when you travel city to city, state to state, it's pretty obvious that many of our highways should be wider and faster.

much of our highway system was built when there were 250 million of us.
many city to city drives need to be torn up and a lane added.
we don't have money for that.
it's all gone.
i have read projections  stating that by the end of this century, we might have as many or more people than china.
if you drop 450 million of us into the u.s., the interstate highway system, the railway system, our water supplies, sewage systems, and a lot of things will need to look different than they do now.
i don't see anybody planning for any of that.  do you????
by 2030 we are likely to be a nation of 370 million.
is there still going to be often 2 lane roads between major cities?
by year 2050, we could be near 400 million.
we're broke.
in the middle of this election garbage, do you honestly think any of these characters on either side are looking ahead 20 or 30 years and doing some real planning and thinking?
what will things look like in 2140?   how many people will there be?
things are so shortsighted to me that it is more than frightful.
come one.  come all. (to the show that never ends?)


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