Wednesday, June 20, 2012

an album of destruction

the manager was busy stocking  the patio with bottles for an evening of music and mirth.
"sky looks bad," i said as i hurriedly downed another guinness draught.  "there's some storm clouds on the radar to the west, but it will blow over and we will have music outside."
as i left the bar, the pigeons on the roof were cowering  from the windy side.  they knew or sensed or felt something.
"uh, oh," i thought and snapped...
an afternoon nap was interrupted as the power went out with that jolt..  when the lights  returned  with yet another jolt, my 2002 computer was blinking.  it's work  was done.

the city worker placing barricades and warnings  for  darkened traffic lights, said  "the cemetery and diamond hills got hit bad. there's only 2 of us on duty and it's been a really bad day, what with 2 major water main breaks and now this."
upon arriving  at the south main street entrance to the cemetery a few minutes later, one would find large areas of the grounds had been relandscaped as if by  a giant speeding flying knife.    huge trees had snapped or were pulled out by the roots, often leaving dark deep formless  holes as memorials to where and what  had been.
a tree near  my wives' markers had snapped and the upper half was blanketting their  monuments.  wooden crosses i had made for them were on the ground under what minutes before was  the top of a vibrant  young tree.  
that was the cemetary entry point on it's path  of destruction.
several nearby  memorials were toppled, blown several feet, cracked, or untouched.
the tiny crew at the cemetery was overwhelmed by the damage.   there will be little outside help.  governments don't care about dead voters.  we will help as we can. please  give the personnel time, and be patient.....
funerals will go on, if ....
 most of the sacred grounds remain as living bridges between the generations, offering continuity and structure to our uncertain lives.

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