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Richland County Children Services is governed by a board of local residents and has a fulltime staff of 103 employees whose primary mission is to assist children and families in need.
2012 board members
Nancy Joyce, chair
Dean Wells, vice chair
Dave Metzger, treasurer
Colleen J. McKinney, M.D., secretary
Jon Bell
Ivy L. Amos
Carol Payton
Pam Siegenthaler
Dave Leitenberger
Robert Konstam
Jim Kulig
Beth Price
Michelle Kowalski

2012 administrative staff
Randy J. Parker, executive director
Nikki Harless, director of operations
Tim Harless, director of external affairs
Kevin Goshe, director of finance
Elayna Rizor, human resources manager
Marsha Coleman, clinical director
Edith Gilliland, attorney
Kristi Schultz, attorney
Lori Feeney, ProtectOhio program supervisor
Scott Basilone, Ongoing Services program supervisor
Kevin Wharton, Differential Response program supervisor
Carl Hunnell, communications supervisor
highlighted is a link for board minutes (when they become available)
from the news journal dec 6, 2011 by reporter mark caudill
Publication: News Journal at Mansfield
Publication date: Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Page number: A3
Section: NEWS
Byline: Mark Caudill

Children Services shakeup
MANSFIELD -- Richland County commissioners are overhauling the Children Services Board, appointing four new members and not re-appointing two others.
Commissioners are scheduled to take action today. They are expected to re-appoint Pam Siegenthaler and Colleen McKinney to four-year terms. Joe Palmer and Connie Hoffman will not be re-appointed.
In addition, commissioners will add Beth Price, Robert Konstam, James Kulig and Michelle Kowalski to the board, increasing membership from 11 to 13.
"Our decision is not a reflection on the service of any board member, nor should it be interpreted as such," commissioners stated in an email message. "Our decision is solely an effort to expand the board's combined knowledge and to ensure an open debate on lingering issues as newly appointed members have yet to form opinions."
Local attorney and former juvenile court magistrate Cathy Goldman recently approached commissioners, urging them to re-appoint only Siegenthaler, who received a one-year term in 2010. Goldman said the other board members were too closely aligned with Executive Director Randy Parker.
"I am very, very impressed with the seriousness and good judgment that the commissioners brought to the consideration of the appointment issue," Goldman said.
In August, Goldman met with Parker and members of his staff to go over her concerns, specifically pertaining to adoption.
Parker, who could not be reached for comment Monday night, previously told the News Journal he stands by agency practices.
"A simple philosophical difference (on adoption policies) turns into an attempt to remove board members," Parker said previously. "It has evolved into personal attacks against staff and the agency's practices."
Children Services spokesman Carl Hunnell did not respond to messages from the News Journal.
Commissioners said it is not their function to provide day-to-day oversight of Children Services. Their only involvement with the agency is appointing board members.
Since 1987, commissioners say they have tried to balance all public boards by gender, ethnicity, geography and professional makeup.
"Boards without some turnover, in time, can suffer from a lack of fresh perspective," commissioners said. "It is, therefore, always a delicate balance as to when new members should be appointed and other members replaced. ... Each appointment must represent a talent, life experience or professional background that enhances and expands the collective knowledge of the board."
Price is the director of the child development center for North Central State College and The Ohio State University-Mansfield. Konstam served as judge in probate court and more recently in domestic relations court.
Kulig is a licensed independent social worker and the former director of the Center for Individual and Family Services. Kowalski is a sociology instructor at Bowling Green StateUniversity and a lecturer at OSU-Mansfield.

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