Monday, May 14, 2012

smalls jazz club nyc live feed

  if i had a religion, it would be music, depending on my mood, jazz, classical, country, or bluegrass.

a jazz venue in cleveland, the bop stop, closed 5 years ago.  after working 12 hour shifts  on friday and saturday nights in an oily  machine shop (until 11pm),  i  drove, more than a hundred times,  up interstate 71, 75 miles, just to catch 1 set, and sometimes,  only part of a set.
a forum friend mentioned that his group is appearing this saturday at smalls jazz club in nyc.
the tiny small's is legendary in nyc.   there are about 50 bought used seats. smallsdaily  drifts somewhere between  existence and sure extinction.
some famous folks drop in to jam, but mostly, the performers are skilled musicians, many are unheralded geniuses, who will never make the bigtime. several small's musicians have drifted in and out of homelessness.
pianist spike wilner now owns and runs  smalls, and as he said, he bought it in order to have a place to perform.
you can share the smalls experience, via remote cameras, most days from 4pm to 4am,  when there is a break, you catch the club vibe,
for $5/month, you can  enjoy, via computer  that unique  live smalls experience 12 hours a day.  (i bring my own bottle)
the online pay system is smooth and quick.  small's feed is solid, and the sound surprisingly dynamic.

spike is an archivist, and there are untold numbers of smalls jazz club performances to enjoy.


owner spike wilner interview

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