Monday, April 9, 2012

this train has left the station


17% of our national gdp is spent on human medical care.
this compares to 10 to 12% in most industrialized countries.
medical care infant  death rates, or human life expectancy are not better here than in these countries.
our extreme high end difficult surgeries and care are the best in the world, but you and i wont get those.
true, our atrocious diets aand eating customs  are a big part of our health care problems.
some of the costs of our medical tests are outrageous.
medical care in this country is noncompetitive.
outrageous malpractive insurance costs are a big factor in the excessive cost equation.
health care shouldn't be so expensive that a wealthy person couldn't insure themselve.
when the medicare push was rerevved, there was a great opportunity to do something necessary and thoughtful.
ideologues got hold of it and jammed it through over populal opposition.
this is what happens.
this current health care bill was written by the top few health care providers, insurance companies, big pharm, with an 
ideological perspective.
there are a few good provisions in it ,like being on parents insurance to age 26 and a few other things.
by and large this plan is written by the big health care industry,
who will be the biggest  beneficiary?
the program is NOT designed to reduce health care costs.  that's why the accounting sleight of hand was necessary.
it is NOT designed to, and wont, provide, better health care.
why are we doing this?
this plan was devised to shut down the ability of private employers to provide health insurance.
it will drive us all to the government offered plan which will be administered, for huge profits,  by the health industry and their buddies in the pharmaceutical industry..
as long as we have only 3 or 4 insurance companies and only 3 or 4 pharmaceutical companies administering, they are going to benefit handsomely with few guidelines and no competition.
employers would now seem to be free of providing insurance for their workers; an argument could be made that this shouldn't be their burden, anyway.  it most definitely puts them a competitive disadvantage.
this train has left the station. all aboard!!!!!


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