Thursday, April 19, 2012

same old, same old, same old

the president recently came out (again) to curb oil speculators.   he has decided that one of the biggest causes of high gasoline prices is dirty speculators.
those dirty dirty speculators................
which regulatory agencies  hav done arguably the worst job during the last year, given mf global, among other things? wouldn't that be the SEC  and the SFTC? 
ah, the new solution is to give these agencies even  more billions and personnel.
under the watchful eyes of the commodity futures trading commission, billions of dollarshave  just 'disappeared ' into thin air, likely at jp morgan.  the trail won't likely lead there.
is there anyone with an iq above an amoeba who thinks the solution to anything is to give those same commission lots and lots more money?
everything  can't be solved with a blaming speech to a bunch of dumbos.
now we have many billions of dollars for these agency to go after the evil oil speculators.
the whole world is not a mission church.
there are 3 refineries in pennsylvania on the market because they aren't financially viable?    no one wants them.     how about some federal assistance money to help make these refineries  feasible and marketable?

we don't care about oil; we care about GASOLINE, spelled more refineries.
the CFTC and the SEChave missed several boats.  hace any of these regulators lost their pensions or has been fired or pursued criminally for not finding out about corzine, madoff, or stanford?  these commissioins don't have any f these criminals skins hanging on their walls.  
 there were 6 agencies investigating mf global.  the CFTC, SEC, NFA, the justice department, the CME, and the wall street self investigating agency, SIPC.   there will be few, if any, prosecutions or convictions.   
apparently, the trustee is preparing charges against some mf global employees, and perhaps jon corzine, but considering jis political clout, i'm not holding my breath for meaningful charges or prosecutions.
will our next president, if we have one, put any teeth into these commissions or install  competent folks?
NO WAY JOSE!!!!!!!


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