Monday, April 2, 2012

once a day, all day long

 photos were taken sitting at the bar  looking through the mirror behind the bar at mansfield's historic recently reopened beautiful dailey bar.
there has at times been a gold monetary standard because it is always in someone's short term best interest to float money at people.
for the short term, it's sort of like giving everyone their first beer.
the conversation improves; everyone is relaxed, feeling better.
10 beers each  later, people staggering out the door and denting up their cars is not a good thing.

during the civil war, greenbacks were issued to pay for war, which  effectively doubled the inflation rate.
after the war, the greenbacks had to be withdrawn from the economy in order to return to the gold standard.
the rest of the world warned us that american money without the gold standard wasn't worth very much.
i'm not indicating a need for a gold standard, but this did require a considerable degree of fiscal discipline.

i am wondering  what is now the current discipline?
theis government lies to people and buys back the very bonds it issues.
fully half the bonds (61% in 2011) our government issues, it rebuys, wilding profiting a very select few bond firms.
i can't think of a situation in history where this ever been done.   there may be occasions, but i can't believe they ended well.
just what is the their business model? this is the new economics.
things are actually getting somewhat better.  some houses are moving.  a few  new jobs are showing up.
inflation is popping along about 2%, but the government is injecting 8% annualy of new money.
will our economy catch fire to the point where it won't have to be PRINTING $1000 per household PER month?
that's an exorbitant off-the-charts amount of injected cash.
what's the end game?   how and when, or will this end?
once a day, all day long

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