Wednesday, April 25, 2012

missing the point

 i published this text in october of 2011 here and on a google blog.
surprisingly, i was honored for it to have been linked several times in moscow city, moscow.
with the political rhetoric of this day, the real problem is being skirted or ignored by both political  parties.
the item may be worth rereading at this time.

where's the student outrage at our universities???
education is the only thing on earth, other than gold,  or  health insurance is the cost of college tuition.
ask any of these kids.  true, some are majoring in art history, english, or journalism, degrees that aren't very marketable today.   
if you are an art history major, you will be teaching or working in a museum somewhere, or maybe flipping burgers, or going to grad school incurring  another one hundred thousand dollars in debt.
students should look at the investment they are making.  many kids don't think forward to the truth that many degrees aren't marketable.   
education money needs to be spent as judiciously as for cars, rent, clothing, housing, or anything else.

education at a private school might be around 40 grand a year, or more. 
if you are so lucky as to get a job paying 70 grand, which would be a very good job,  you might be able to repay 3 grand per year on the education loan. at that rate, you will be paying it off after you've retired.  there is no way your first year's salary will equal one year of education.  about 30 years ago, it did.
it's amazing how much money these universities have in their endowments. 
where is the public and congressional outrage?   faculty wages haven't increased to this degree.   
3 loans to solar firms, 2 have gone bust and one soon will, totalling $1.5 BILLION, would have funded 283 THOUSAND  pell grants(maximum $5300),  whatever the gvernment loans to kids, the universities take it and run.
if you are an alumni, you can't give universities enough money to stop them from pestering you for more.
many of the endowments are reaching the point where no one needs to pay tuition.  where does the money all go?


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