Monday, April 23, 2012

brainless on peaches

the sunday morning was damp, chilly and windy, day best spent  inside.

after a vigorous hourlong workout at a nearly empty Y, i took a few steps to the nearby tap room.

rather than a usual 20 ounce guinness, the bartender suggested a 12 ouncer of a just untapped  strong belgian from epic brewing in faroff salt lake city.  i thought utah was a dry state.  "this beer is strong," she offered, "a 10 per center."

it was a beautiful peach orange with plenty of carbonation and just a tiny topping of thin foam with lasting lacing.

the alcohol, peach-apricot flavor was very subdued. malt softened the taste.  there was NO hoppiness.  this beer was aged in french wine casks.  i seemed to detect mango and grape in the flavor, as well.   this, for a beast of a beer, is so understated. the yeast and peach nectar are so beautifully blended.   it's like jazz by a great soloist who never does give you, or makes you wait, for the  the melody.  it leaves you wanting something undefined more.

"this peachiness calls for cream or vanilla,"  so, on the side, i sipped a shot of excellent 3 olives vodka.

"HEAVEN, or at least a very fine temple."

the match was perfect!!

this called  for a brahms song, so i dialed up his always at hand choral masterpiece, nanie.

then i ordered another brainless on peaches with vanilla vodka on the side.

there are times when living can be  so wonderful.

i will eagerly seek out other excellent epic brewery products and suggest the manager order another keg of brainless on peaches strong belgian ale, soon.

johannes brahms

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