Thursday, March 8, 2012

rush, rash, razz

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 this whole thing with ms. fluke and rush limbaugh and mitt romney is still evolving.
about 6 weks ago, president obama, from analyzing poll numbers showing a need to buttress the women's vote,  spun the pitch that the  catholic church provide it's employees  contraception.
poll numbers suggested that  80% of catholics agree with contraception.  this issue could cost few votes and gain many.
president biden, a catholic, apparently opposed this action.
the action was done.  a large furor resulted.
"we'll make their insurance companies do it,"  obama ordered.
this was a good calculated risk.  he stepped back, but wasn't bloodied.
congress scheduled hearings and trotted ms. fluke out.
some very bright young staffer found fluke, a georgetown student with a long history of women's rights and a contraception.rights advocate.
she is a very attractive young women, anyone's daughter.
they trotted ms. fluke out and tried to have her testify at the panel  about church-state separation, which consisted of a half dozen men.
the media spun the panel as a gang of men discussing contraception.  she wasn't allowed to speak.
the democrats eventually had an unofficial 'hearing'  where she testified about the cost of georgetown student contraception.
rush limbaugh then VIVIDLY vented his sputum about "she's a whore, she's a prostitute, she's having so much sex she can't afford contraceptives.  i want to see her sex tapes on the internet."
far worse, and far more ugly and distasteful, will be broadcast and written  in the big media  about the republican nominees, their families, and histories.   there will be NO outcry.  that's hwpolitical theater is played.
things explode.
did rush just hand obama the presidency?
his sponsors dropped like flies because of facebook and twitter outrage. his owners bain capitol din't suspend him for one minute, or lay a verbal hand on their cashcow.
this fluke thing has turned things around for the president.  mitt romney, hardly, if at all, rebuke the limbaugh remarks.
this will cost him very badly with women.   he is clearly afraid of the right wing of the republican party, his weakness.
the dems are laughing themselves silly all the way to the bank.
the dem staffer who put this fluke testimony together is guaranteed a cush consulting job on K-street.  we will see them on cable very soon.
fluke was testifying for student coverage, not the subject of the original hearings, which were about employees, not students.
her testimony was not relevant to employees and the church.
if limbaugh, or ayone else, had left the testimony alone and talked of its substance, there was a compelling argument.
7 months ago, when bin laden's body was cooling, obama was a shoo-in for reelection..that is mostly forgotten in the press.
7 months from now, who knows what the key issues will be?
 our memories get shorter and shorter with our  news cycles.
what was limbaugh thinking?
there is no good that can come in his world from what he did.  did he lose his mind?  not surprisingly, the transcript of those tasteless remarks are gone from his website.

anything goes

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