Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the tree of life

 the tree of life, released in2011,  is a beautiful beautiful film.
the award winning film  has gorgeous gorgeous cinematory, the finest film soundtrack i've EVER heard, and inspired directing, production, and acting.  
criticsf the film suggest that the movie is plodding,  fragmented, and nonlinear.  those effects, for me, enhance the movie.
a 1960s mother receives a telegram that her 19 year old son has passed away.; the father is notified by telephone.
the ensuing family flashbacks are very personal, beautiful, and often heart wrenching.
just when i was about to give up on modern films, along came the tree of life.   there is no gratuitous violence, quick camera action edits, cuts, sex, or nudity.  the story is by no means farfetched.  it is as down to earth as you and me.
if you haved lived  life and experienced the beauty and perils of being achildin a family, raising a family and earning a living.
the movie may fall short of it's market as it probes the meaning of life.  the film comes very close,   offering no pat simplistic
 the tree of life is inspired, and will very likely move you deeply.
 scene from the tree of life

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