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throughout my life, i've wanted to program, or even, hear, a truly eclectic stream of music, from ornette to roy acuff, the vilest rap to the most solemn mass,  shostakovich string quartets to bluesman fred mcdowell, barogue to hai lai.
miss erika sherman of detroit, since 1999 has provided an unending stream of wildly eclectic, intelligent, but not haughty music.

the are no commercials to tell us how great she is, no ads, no hustle.
how does she do it?  i've no idea.
there are no playlists and absolutely no corporate hustles imploring mindless millions what to like amd love.
i've no idea how many listeners there are, or if there are any but myself.  are your ears and  mind open enough for erika?
this is a link to her website and a recent playlist.
10:49Alan Silva And The Celestial Communication OrchestraSeasonsSeasons CD 1
10:47Otis ReddingSecurityGood To Me: Recorded Live At The Whiskey A Go Go Volume 2
10:42RissUndertaker 1Kreisel 99/2
10:39EmotionsFirst Love BabyThe Best Of Flip Vol. 2
10:37Lee "Scratch" PerryProphecy - The EthiopiansBorn In The Sky
10:2869MicroluvrIn Order To Dance 5
10:25Peter BroderickOld TimeOld Time / Solace In Gala
10:22DJ OliveInstrumental Spy?????? ????????
10:17TwerkGeeky Minimal Sausage PartyNow I'm Rendered Useless
10:14Eddie KendricksTell Her Love Has Felt The NeedMotown Memories Vol 2 Where We
10:05Otha Turner & The Afrossippi..Senegal to SenatobiaFrom Senegal to Senatobia
10:01Beat HappeningAngel GoneMusic To Climb The Apple Tree By
10:01Batacuda FantasticaAfocheOs Ritmistas Brasileiros
9:58Glen CampbellWhere's The Playground, SuzieGlen Campbell Collection Disc 1
9:53MicromarsFrench FiInternational Pop Modulations
9:52Neil Norman And His Cosmic OrchestraThe Outer Limits IIGreatest Science Fiction Hits IV
9:49Mahalia JacksonHis Eye Is On The SparrowIn My Home Over There
9:46Breaux FreresLa Valse Du Bayou PlaquemineCajun. Abbeville Breakdown 1929-1939
9:40Takeshi MutoMud DauberFlipped And Squashed EP
9:32Throbbing GristleThe Third Mind: First MovementThe Third Mind Movements
9:29Trojans Of EvolThrough The NightBack From The Grave
9:29Arnie Aka-NuiIntroAn Evening At Arnie's Lounge
9:25Duke EllingtonSaturday Night FunctionThe Okeh Ellington, Vol. II
9:22David BowieJohn, I'm Only DancingThe Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
9:21Alexander Robotnickblues 1Rare Robotnicks
9:18Cal TjaderChina Nights (Shina No Yoru)Several Shades Of Jade/Breeze From The East
9:16Godzukiyour futureYour Future
9:08NegativlandJolly Green GiantHappy Heroes
9:07Harry PartchTen Li Po Lyrics: An Encounter In The FieldEnclosure 2 (Disc 1)
9:04The Conet ProjectTcp D2 27 Nancy Adam Susan IrdialThe Conet Project
9:01Flavio EspositoI'te Vurria Vasa!...Neopolitan Songs
8:56SwedenJag Ska Lara DigThe Nyckelharpa
8:44David S. WareEstheticmetricGo See The World
8:39Mississippi Fred McDowell And Johnny WoodsI Got A WomanMama Says I'm Crazy
8:37CalifoneMonkey,cat, Ballerina, And HoodDeceleration One
8:35Destroy All MonstersPeener Budder Mudder FuggerSilver Wedding Anniversary
8:30Pete NamlookOrion Transfer 2Shades Of Orion
8:28Kudsi Erguner EnsembleBilmem Ki Nedendir, Bana Sen Hor Bakiyorsun?Vocal Masterpieces Of Kemani Tatyos Efendi
8:26Arnie Aka-NuiIntroAn Evening At Arnie's Lounge
8:25MetamaticsWhat The Birds OverhearFrom Death To Passwords When You Are A Paper Aeroplane
8:22Anatol StefanetBatuta FeciorilorMoldavia: The Art Of Bratsch (Viola) Volume 2
8:21Loren MazzaCane ConnorsUntitled (Airs)Airs
8:12Duke EllingtonTake The "A" TrainThe 1954 Los Angeles Concert
8:11David LewistonGender Wayang: AnsarunMusic from the Morning of the World : The Balinese Gamelan & Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant
8:07Lee "Scratch" PerrySufferer's Heights - Junior DreadArkology_reel_i - dub organiser
8:04Dave Clark FiveDo You Love MeThe History Of The Dave Clark
7:55Necati CelikTaksimYasemin
7:51Invisibl Skratch PiklzVery Good (featuring Disk)
miss mahalia

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