Wednesday, January 25, 2012


3d tv just hasn't caught on.
everybody who wants hdtv has bought one.
tv makers have been trying to think of something to get you back in their stores.
tv's are durable goods.
they last for years, like washing machines.
2011 was a really bad year for hdtv makers; that's why prices are so low.
along came smart tv with aps.
many new tvs have dual core processors and can run applications you download.
the tv industry will surely be disrupted.
what if, instead of watching the nfl playoffs on the networks,  you could get a download direct from the nfl that gave you 9 or 10 camera views?
this is the future of tv.
it means we could buy our tv programming ala carten, rather buying all the junk programs we now pay for.
we'll have direct program aps.
cable companies hate this; tv networks hate this.
it is huge.
the content creator will be selling their program direct to you.
won't it be awesome?
 notes from a  recent talk by leo laporte

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