Sunday, January 15, 2012

money ball--a movie for everyone

 did you  ever believe in anything so strongly and know you are right, but the world and the system, and the masses say you are a fool?
 if you love baseball, or new ways of thinking, or kids, or brad pitt, or just darn fine movies this close to real life adaptation of  the book will spellbind and delight you.

brad pitt put hs considerable soul into this movie and his listed as a co-producer.
the movie is about billy beane, once a promising baseball player, then and now general manager of baseball's oakland athletics, who believes that intense  statistical evaluation of baseball player was much more effective than the current way  of wildly expensive scouting hits and misses.
most small market teams had to find alternative, less expensive methods of scouting  and roster building.
sabermetrics proved beane's and the small market teams' salvation.
the indians mark shapiro plays himself in a cameo role.
peter brand (jonah hill) a sports statistics nerd from cornell university, lurking unknown in the lower management levels of the cleveland indians, becomes his advisor, buddy, and right hand man.
there are many story  lines from the season which ended with a playoff loss,
we all watch hundreds of movies. most are forgotten the next day.
moneyball will stay with you.
this was just released to dvd january 10 of this year.


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