Tuesday, January 10, 2012

margin call-a superb movie

margin call is a timely 2010 wall street masterpiece by first time director j.c. chandor.
this movie humanizes the toll on the lives of a huge fictional wall street firm going belly up during the 2008 financial crisis.
the dialogue is  brilliant and crisp, with tart exchanges; the superb cast doesn't overplay their roles
there is no gratuitous love interest, styling,  or sex.
the soundtrack is sparse, appropriate, and unobtrusive.
the studies of corporate psychology and it's effect on human reaction is thought provoking and enlightening.
this movie takes no moral view on these tragedies.
much of the tension in the movie comes in a night as panic works it's way up the food chain.
if you enjoy serious movies without ostentation and gratuitous ornamentation, this splendid sharply focussed movie will both absorb and delight you.
scene from margin call

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