Monday, January 30, 2012

feelin' good

 sunday morning was sunny.
it was so beautiful. i felt and was carefree..
proper folks were at church with their families, their beads,  and their bibles..
i put on my boots, gloves,  and a tattered scarf.
i filled  my flask.
birds were singing.
the wind was icy and biting.
the  noonday shadows were deep; the ice was blue.
under the icy pond,  the water was running swift.
the phone was sleeping snug in its case at  home
there were none   to  save or  hustle me.
i love january sunday mornings.
in the background were the birds improvising   cheerful  songs of spring.
i don't think about anything but the carefree irreplaceable joy  and promise of a lonely  icy sunny   january morning.
nina simone

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