Friday, December 23, 2011

ghost hosts

this weekend, espn will be telecasting the hawaii bowl as part of an endless stream of mostly mediocre college football games.

they will be at espn headquarters at bristol connecticut.

the announcers will be in a studio and a virtual field will be in front of them with all the camera angles on a huge wall.

they, of course will pretend to be in hawaii,.complete with a hula girl or two.

they've done it for a while now with a local group of abc camera operators.

they did the same thing for the world cup before they lost it to fox.

when you see aikman in front of the set, you can't know where he's at.

back in the 30s, ronnie reagan called the cubs baseball game for radio from peoria.

he was never at the park. he had a board of sound effects in front of me and he read the play by play of a ticker tape and embellished it. reagan worked the sound effects like batted balls, out, strikeouts, and audience noise and simulated them all. it was unbelievable.

these days, with the technology available, remote play by play of athletic events looks pretty easy.

wouldn't it be cool if you could see the actual angles only the producers get.

that is coming for you and me.

it is going to be part of a premium package. they feel, that this, as part of a premium service, will be increduibly popular.

then we really have fist fights over the remote.

it would be even better if there was no voice at all and no bleeping crawlers or animation hogging the screen.

just the game, please.

ghost song

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