Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the dismantling of the internet


this is a solemn week for me as the u.s. congress grows closer and closer to dismembering the internet.
the people of the record industry, the movie industry, the tv industry, newespapers, and publishers are very afraid of the internet.
they do not see it as the innovation it is, but only as a vehicle for piracy.
"there's pirates out there on the internet and we got to shut that sucker down."
for a long time, they've tried to hobble computers.  they generally failed in that attempt.
a bright boy at one of the corrupt record companies thought, "we've been buying congressmen for years.   why don't we use them.  we've got the members of congress in our pockets. why don't we use them?"
they proposed 2 bills.  the IP protective act in the senate and SOPA(stop online privacy act in the senate).
last week, the senate started markup on the SOPA bill;  it will likely pass, with bipartisan support, and be signed into law.
it won't protect those industries;  pirates don't care, and they are very very smart, smarter than the establishment folks, especially moronic politicians.
these big industries don't like ofr understand the internet.  members of congress, time after time, have demonstrated absolute ignorance, for the most part.
alexandra petry, writing in the washington post,  likened congress' actions to a surgeon who had never studied medicine doing heart surgery.  congressional actions are a like a group of well-intentioned amateurs performing heart surgery on a patient incapable of moving.
"it's terrifying to watch. seeing folks who didn't grow up with the internet stumbling over terms like server and service.  it would be funny, but this time the joke is on us."
the morons in congress, especially the house judiciary committee head lamar smith have shown complete ignorance of what they are doing.  
they are holding our internet in their hands and are about to slash it to pieces to protect something it won't protect.
"this is only  gonna affect them pirates from overseas."
this  will give the federal government the right to take down ANY site.  it's a broad blunt weapon.
universal music group now has the right to pull any video on youtube.  they wont let us see the UMG agreement with youtube.
strangely, google is fighting the SOPA act.

congress is about to give UMG the right to shut down any site they deem in violation of their copyrights.
is this what you want?
from recent remarks by  web enterprenuer leo laporte.

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