Monday, November 28, 2011

on bended knees

to me, the recent major college sports scandals involving young men, or little boys, call for some clear thinking.
this is a greater problem than one would first think.
from my  observations, it is endemic to this culture, widespread and built-in.
we are a puritanical culture, religiously and morally, with a taboo on sex.
a lot of this comes from the catholics, but more comes from the puritans.
simultaneously, this culture, since the 1920s has been sold using basic freudian psychology, promulgated by a nephew of sigmund freud's, who picked up on freud's psychology early on and sold it to a bunch of marketers.
we've been sold goods with sex attached to the goods, at the same time the sex has been  taboo, any kind,  for a very long time
this creates a tremendous frustration in this society.
we need to rethink the situation entirely rather than throw a bunch of law books at (a few defendants), not  the heart of the problem.
a few defendants aren't the problem; that's a reaction.
this society has far too much reaction and not enough response to too many problems.
we don't have enough people thinking through the problems, this one in particular.
this problem will never be ameliorated, the problem of adult power over kids.
there will always be adults taking advantage of children.
did you hear about the 9 year old boy convicted of child molestation?
he is required to have his  picture posted in his juristiction for the rest of his life anywhere he moves.
people will be notified that he is a child molestor.
at age 8 he was caught playing with a 5 year old girl.
the law went way beyond its limits here and ruined a kids life.
he didn't have the power and sway of a bigtime athletic coach or powerful adult figure.

marvin gaye

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