Saturday, November 19, 2011

a few excellent sport sites

getting sport news from a corporation(espn or the nfl, fox, or cbs) that produces and produces sports is like getting political news from the big tv networks.

it isn't worth my time or electricity.
when i watch live sporting events, it's almost always with the sound off, and, if available, i grab an as local as possible play by play.
sports by brooks(in particular), deadspin, and SI(sports illustrated live), and the yahoo national sports commentaries give generally excellent insights and perspectives on sports.
their columnists are almost always first rate.

sportsbybrooks---sports by brooks


sports illustrated---sports illustrated
si has assembled a crack team to investigate the penn state unspeakable, and broke the story resultin in the jim tressel resignation in the spring.

yahoo sports---yahoo sports
adrian wojnarowski is a highly  credible.nba reporter with excellent league contacts.

buckle down winsockie

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