Thursday, September 29, 2011

what do you want sprinkled into your grave?


NEWSER) – Not even death can come between a man and his Doritos. Arch West, the Frito-Lay marketing exec credited with inventing the chip brand, died last week at age 97, reports the AP, and his Oct. 1 graveside service will feature the chips he dreamed up after stumbling upon a San Diego snack shop that was frying up tortilla chips in 1961. His family intends on "tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn," it said in a statement. NPR reminds us that there are now 23 different Doritos flavors available in the US; no word on which ones will grace the grave.
my  beloved  alcohol spirits  will evaporate; so too shall mine. 

be sure to play some loud wild jazz music to the east.this here1930  fess williams would be fine.some of the  old cats could really blow.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQACgdwgBk4

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