Thursday, September 8, 2011

newspaper site censorship is fine, but who is looking out for our children?

dozens of newspaper readers ideas and photos have been censored, and perhaps accounts suspended.
the actions are ostensibly to protect the public and/or individuals from personal attacks.
that's ok.  it's their business; it's their rules.

just who is looking out for the eyes and delicate impressionable minds of our youngsters??

here are some widely available 9-11 coloring books,  aimed at our 'mature' kids.

how many of 3 and 4 year olds watched the 9-11 horror with us while we shared popcorn?

there is the issue of  the insensitive portrayal of muslims in some of the books, but my views are directed at the overall general pictures they asked our youngsters to color.

do 'mature' kids in your family still do coloring books, even at 3 or 4??
heck, no.

they are into more violent electronic gizmos escitement.

local children's services officials have spoken to me about routinely available sex and violence and news and worse which is piped into all of our homes.  the effect on these young folks behavior far too often makes their behavior  abhorrent, crude, and violent. 

what they see, hear, and learn in schools would give you and me an education about lack of taste.
a couple of  our proper pretty, young high schoolers recently pointed out some web sites to me that made me feel like an out of touch quaker.
i'm no quaker.

the depictions you and i saw in our books and movies, and discussions of naziis, or japs, or indians was hopelessly  crude, too, but we aren't doing any better now.

we won't be going back to howdy-doody time,  capt. kangaroo, or romper room, but our children, their children and society,  are paying a horrible price for our inability to parent or control what they seen and learn.

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