Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the might of man

the recent hurricane, irene, was milder than expected, just a shell of the possible images  a sensationalist news media drummed planted in our psyches.

"TAME" they, and i, say.

when we survey the 'tame' damage done by mother nature, the energy in that relatively benign hurricane was nuch GREATER than all of the stockpiled bombs amassed by all the countries of the world.

people have no idea the total amount of energy in mother nature's forces.    we recently saw that in the tsunami in japan and what it was able to do, wiping out everything in its sight.

we've seen nature's force in earthquakes.  we will see many more hurricanes and typhoons.  the power of mother nature is unbelievable compared to the most powerful forces man has been able to amass, to this point.

there is often discussion of man's destructive powers.  we aren't as mighty as we think.

the best trained human beings can put out barely 1/4 horsepower continously(e.g. pumping a bicycle, running).

that's less than 200 watts, about enough to keep 2 light bulbs burning.

when you and look into a fitness center and the energy being exerted, we think how wonderful it would be harnessed.


unfortunately, what they are producing is far far short of enough to keep the air conditioner working in their facility.

there are places in undeveloped countries where human power actually does produce enough electricity for communication.

a group at lawrence livermore research facility in california developed a water purification scheme where a youngster pumping a bicycle will produce, enough potable water, even from sewer water, for 1000 people.
there's a place where human power makes sense.

maybe there are no answers but hope for the race can't die if we at least ask the questions. 


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