Wednesday, September 21, 2011

far from the madding crowds

(1024x768)you won't catch me near a crowded stadium or noisy sports bar with the public, or in front of my tv, for that matter, on a nice autumn weekend afternoon, or even a nasty one.

i know you can access the broadcasts on your phone, but i enjoy listening to an exciting broadcast by knowledgeable analysts on broadcast radio, where i can enjoy the beauty of an autumn day or do a few errands or chores.

wifi radios are the coming rage; they are REAL great, and i own one. a laptop is a great broadcast source, as well.

im donovan is back doing the browns broadcasts.

the pittsburgh steeler broadcaster bill hilgrove can be picked up on wwva wheeling on any of these fine little radios, as long as i stay out of a steel building.

there are lots of network radio nfl radio broadcasts.

the ohio state, ashland university, northwester, notre dame

the bears are received easily in daytime or at night on wbbm radio.

a couple of stations carry the indianapolis colts, and on good night, the redskins and saints games can be heard.

the new york giants games are on wfan at night, and night comes earlui in winter.

15 or 20 callege football broadcasts, or more, can be heard every weekend.

a personal favorite of mine is the exceptional longtime michigan state broaadcaster(detroit pistons, too) george blaha.

if you can find a tiny tiny slide rule tuned am radio with great sound, a fine tuner and selectivity, and great battery life, at least 250 hours, tou can enjoy all the beauty and freedom of an autumn afternoon.

my grundig boy(1982) is a miraculous little radio.

the exceptional ge pocket radios of 1983 have been unmatched today, have matchless performance.

that little geradio has been dropped on cement, and asphalt at least 100 times, and is still an incredible performer.

the sony srf-59 is comparatively new with a design only going back a dozen years or so. the tuner is just incredible and the sound circuits are the same as in sony radios costing $200. the only knock on this $12 sony, or less radio is that it's nowhere near as durable as the other 3. i dropped one and the sensitive built in antenna disconnected. the radio runs with one little aaa battery for hundreds of hours.

i love my little 4 or 5 dollar greybeard radios; with a quality set of headphones, they add immensely to my enjoyment of autumn. family dollar has a great high sensitivity durable phones for 5 bucks.

koss portapro headphones cost about $30, with a lifetime guarantee. send the old set, and koss will send a replacement pair.

their sound is great for the money, but the wires are thin and flimsy. i've trashed 2 pairs in about 6 months; you can't use them for high stress activities like running.

you just cant beat excitement like this.

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