Thursday, August 4, 2011

the life and death of ice cream

i dropped a brand new cone of mint chocolate one day last week and that set me to thinking about this most pleasant wonder of our lives.

what's your favorite flavor of ice cream treats.
i love them all, but peanut butter milk shakes are right up there.
occasionally, a beer float made with young's double chocolate stout(from the bottle, not the can) and breyer's coffee ice cream goes really well.

Now that we’re in the thick of ice cream season, it’s time to pick a side. We’re not talking about the old battle of chocolate versus vanilla. Or sugar cone versus wafer.

If you truly care about ice cream, the more important battle raging is between the traditional and the avante garde.

At Il Laboratorio del Gelato, on the Lower East Side, the ice cream flavors range from “fresh brown turkey fig” (whatever that means) to “prune/Armagnac” to “cheddar cheese.”

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the life and death of ice cream

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