Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's so hard to say good bye to yesterday


this time-trashed morris minor was in the same spot when i was by this  lot just off north trimble a few years ago.

"she is now gone for sure."

i chanced by yesterday, and much to my delight, THERE SHE WAS!!!!!, and the big blue road coach with 99 license tags, too.

like a cat spotting a rottweiler, my head snapped round. i saw HER.

there again were the parts men proudly built for her; some still gleaming.

the men on another continent, who built, drove, and loved her, with their cares, are long forgotten

tree roots in cemeteries are spiking  through  their frozen hearts and thoughts now; they are on their way to wherever  men of earth go.

just between you and me, if i happen by in a couple of years, i  hope she's still there.

it's so hard to say good bye to yesterday

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