Sunday, August 14, 2011

cbs radio now has a cleveland sports station.

aloc has great great news for the beleagered cleveland area sports talk radio fan!!!!!
as aloc hinted a few weeks ago, the sports radio scene in cleveland is changing.

veteran national favorites adam the bull(recent of wfan-ny) , kevin kiley, and chuck booms, will do local broadcasts for a cbs-cleveland .sportstalker.
cbs radio stations invariably end up flagships for major league sports tems in their area.WKRK-FM will be no exception.


CBS Radio to enter Cleveland market with 'The Fan' on WKRK-FM, 92.3
11:12 am, August 4, 2011

The long-rumored entry of another sports-talk radio station into Cleveland's media market is official.
although wcol-fm is picked up on what will be the the station's current fm frequency(92.3), it wont be long before they move to fm 98.5(formerly wgar-fm) which has much broader coverage.  wi-fi radio on smart phone is now commonplace, as soon will be wi-fi radios, which will carry the station.

"What we are launching is literally a radio station for 'The Fan,'" Mr. Roth said in the release. "For Clevelanders who live and breathe sports 24/7, this will be the place to get the best insight, most in-depth coverage and a well-rounded balance of listener participation, all presented in an entertaining forum."
CBS Radio announced in a news release that 92.3 The Fan, on 92.3 WKRK-FM, will launch Aug. 29. Andy Roth, a veteran of sports radio in New York City, Philadelphia and Buffalo, was named the station's program director.

The cbs station will compete with Cleveland's other all-sports station, ESPN 850, WKNR-AM. In an instant coup, 92.3 will be home to Westwood One's coverage of the NFL, formerly played on WKNR. 
WKNR is pretty sad, so I'm glad to hear that there'll be another option. there is better stuff running in the sewer than what cleveland has for current radio sportstalk radio hosts.
Kevin Kiley and Cleveland native Chuck Booms will occupy 92.3's morning-drive slot, competing against ESPN's "Mike and Mike in the Morning." In the afternoon, Adam "The Bull," formerly of WFAN in New York, will fill the afternoon drive-time slot from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

CBS Radio owns 14 other all-sports stations. They are in New York (WFAN-AM), Washington, D.C., Charlotte, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Detroit, Riverside, Calif., Houston, Tampa, Sacramento, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
come what may, nothing will ever ever come close to equalling equal those early titans of cleveland radio, the beloved pete franklin, gary dee, and don imus.
a pete franklin broadcast

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