Thursday, July 28, 2011



Written by
Bryan Bullock

MANSFIELD -- The building used as a high school more than 80 years ago by Mansfield City Schools is scheduled to be demolished, but the sandstone walls that line the property and predate the structure will remain a visible part of the school.
Crews have moved the huge stones from the vacant John Simpson building, 219 W. Fourth St., to Arlin Field at West Fourth Street and North Trimble Road. Work was completed last weekend to use the stone to build an 82-foot-long wall behind the field goal post closest to Trimble Road.
Synthetic turf is being installed. School officials say the stone wall will complement other improvements at the field and preserve a piece of Mansfield history.
"This sandstone was part of the first high school (on that property), and we wanted to connect that tradition to Arlin Field," said Mansfield school board member Chris Elswick.
Mike Lyon, owner of Lyon and Sons Construction in Butler, said his crew started assembling the stone wall July 19 and put in long hours to get it done......
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