Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a longer view

"everything is everybody else's fault.
if we just fired every who works for the city, the teachers, and government employees, everything would be fine."

 i just finished a nice conversation with a very intelligent lady in a medical billing office, and that's how she stated the problem, while
we continue to dodge what the real issues are.

for many people in the middle class, 90% of their equity WAS in their house.
why aren't people buying anything?
they don't have any money.

from marketwatch, rex nutting writes, "how the bubble destroyed the middle class."

none  of the solutions address the real problem
leaders don't understand the problem or, i think, don't care.
the money government gives out goes to their friends.

washington d.c. has 50,000 lobbyists with deep pockets.
nutting writes that the middle class wasn't doing well in the early 2000s.
the economy was growing at 2.7% annual rate.
if you took out the extra consumption that people were getting by remortgaging their homes, we are down to 2%.
if you took out the increase in house prices people were using to supplement the income they weren't getting, what would you have?
in the 60s, folks between 
between the 40th and 60th percentile earned 17% of gross national income.
now that 20% is earning 14% of all income, and the top 5% went from 17 to 22% today.

homeowner equity in real estate was $7.38 trillion in LOST wealth.
the stagnation started with bush 2 way back then.
these are 15-20 year problems.
people in politics can't do the job right because they are so afraid this check won't show up from this lobbyist ,,,,,,,,,
we are so out of whack.
i heard lady bachmann speak friday.
15 or 20 times, she must have said "the stimulus, the plans of obama have failed."
tell ME something DIFFERENT.
she's got NOTHING.
the republicans tried trickle down economics with wars fought on credit cards; now they are interested  in fiscal responsibility?
their theory, just lower the taxes and somehow it will get to us is junk.
done that, tried that, didn't work.......
then the other side throws a million stupid programs for cronies up in the air .......that doesn't work either.

---people aren't learning, but we keep throwing the money into near million dollar high school athletic surfaces.

in totalitarian regimes, they pick up on the general malaise and focus it in all the wrong directions.
there is a growing hatred in this country which irresponsible uncaring politicians on both sides are stoking.
that is very very dangerous.

the answers do not lie in glib oneliners penned by media advertising consultants from either side.

drake, brotzmann

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